Big Leopard


Nick is the technical side of the partnership, he deals with the photography, lighting on a shoot and deals with the boring technical stuff behind the scenes too, anything that involves some kind of gadget he’s there! Nick is also friendly and approachable throughout a shoot, I wouldn’t expect the same level of chat that you get from Laura as there’d be no time for anything else! But he will still get guests inside ready for pictures, he also has a repertoire of noises to make kids look at the camera, although it’s not only limited to kids!

What else can we say about Nick?

  • He loves gadgets
  • Loves cars (but Laura won’t buy me a Porsche)
  • Loves gadgets
  • Loves eating at Kracklin, Reds, or the Orchid
  • Hates mushrooms on pizza
  • Loves beards (sounds weird, maybe he just likes his own)
  • Scared of spiders (despite being 70 odd inches taller)
  • Loves a call of duty session
  • Loves photography (duh!)
  • Hates shopping (unless camera related)
  • Love trips away
  • Hates being stuck in traffic (who doesn’t?!)
  • Loves his VW Transporter
Little Leopard


Laura is the one that you will speak with most, she definitely has the better chat! You will find yourself getting emails from her all hours! We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about your wedding day, our knowledge of weddings doesn’t stop at photography! Laura is also the person who will sweet talk vicars, officiants, venue staff and guests to make sure that everything flows well and that we get the absolute best out of the photos for you on your special day.

What else can we say about Laura?

  • She loves to talk (think we said that already)
  • Loves her Apple Watch
  • Loves leopard print (of course!)
  • Laura likes to dine out (sounds posh, but we’re just saying here that she doesn’t like to cook!)
  • Laura likes an all inclusive holiday!
  • Hates the feel of chalk, sandpaper and matte paint
  • Loves cats (actually just our fat cat, Ruby)
  • Loves custom converse
  • Hates having her picture taken!
  • Loves spending time with family
  • Loves shopping (usually newborn props!)
  • Loves flowers
  • Loves Photography (of course!)

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

LeopardPrints photography has been around since 2011, in that time we have learnt a great deal more about photography, it really isn’t about just clicking a button, for us it’s about being a part of your celebration, not something that takes you away from it, we want you to trust us, we want to be your friends, we want you to smile a happy smile, not the stock smile you pull when a camera is facing your way.

Is that too cheesy?!

We don’t mind if it is, this is us,
Laura & Nick.

We’re going to capture some unforgettable moments in your life that you will treasure forever!

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