Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? Maybe we have answers...

You bet! We generally find that a pre wedding meeting is all you need, if you want to meet before booking we can arrange this too depending on availability, however hopefully you see what kind of experience we will bring through our social media. We will email you 3 months before the wedding day to arrange the final meeting and/or pre wedding shoot

Every wedding is different we don’t limit numbers, smaller weddings have had numbers around 350, larger weddings have had up to 850. It all depends on the wedding day you have. For example weddings with more entertainment like magicians, singing waiters, a big party with a band etc will come out with more images than a 3pm wedding with 30 guests and a reserved party as there isn’t as much going on. When we say best images we won’t give you 7 images of the same thing in 7 different edits they are more unique images. Guaranteeing a set number of images just isn’t us, you get the best of whatever we take!

Yes, a personal usage license is included – this means you can print and share you images, copyright remains with us which means non personal usage would need to be requested separately, if you’re unsure drop us a message.

Unfortunately not, our skills most definitely lay within photography. You may have seen some of our ‘video’ content on social media, this is something we do in order to show what we get up to, its not a pro level and mainly taken on iPhones! If you do hire a proper videographer, let us know so we can make sure that we all work together perfectly on the day, we have loads of friends in the biz so we are happy to give recommendations.

We sure do! It’s always a little more exciting travelling across the country for a couple. Depending on the distance, there may be an extra cost towards fuel or accommodation.

Let us know what you need and we will try our hardest to be there for you, we love an adventure and have been to plenty of places in the UK as well as international destinations.

On the day itself, we arrive to catch the bride and her bridal party getting ready, it’s usually just final touches to hair and make-up, and the bride being helped into her gown. The morning is important for us to build that first impression and trust with your party.

We then leave the bride so we can catch the groom looking nervous at the top of the aisle. depending on time we may be able to get some groom prep too, but the guys are usually a bit more nervous on the day.

During the ceremony we capture key moments throughout using natural light, we then take control over the confetti throwing, family shots as well as guide you through your own portrait session.

We will capture candid moments throughout the whole day, and we will take photos during the speeches, but we won’t capture the meal, who wants pictures of people eating anyway?! And when you eat will usually be the first and only break of our day.

After the meal you may find there is a gap to get more photos with us, or another chance to mingle, for an evening reception we want the dancing, so we stay for the cake cut, first dance and then to catch everyone on the dance floor before we make an exit- usually no later than 9 pm.

Its always nice to get a lie in! Unfortunately we don’t offer any discount for a wedding ceremony that happens later in the day.

A wedding ceremony later than 3 would still have all the same elements, bridal prep, ceremony, family shots, couples portraits, first dance and party, if anything it can make it harder work as we would be working with a tighter schedule and have less daylight to play with.

We do take on short notice part day weddings.

We love food, almost as much as we love weddings, so if you decide you’d like to include us with catering that’s always appreciated! Please don’t feel that you need to set us a place, we’re usually drooling over the laptop at the pretty pictures we’ve taken during the meal anyway!


If you would like to provide food we do not have any allergies or intolerances!

We will be shooting most of the day in a documentary fashion, capturing whatever unfolds, however right after the ceremony is a great time to do the ‘formal’ photography, we will arrange groups formal shots, then confetti or whatever else you have planned then we will take you both away for some couples portraits, ideally we would ask that there is at least 90 minutes from the ceremony ending until you are taken through to your wedding breakfast/speeches, this way we can make sure you aren’t rushing through photos but instead have plenty of time to enjoy this time with family, as well as getting pictures.

We edit our images with our style but do not rely on heavy re-touching to the images, so we don’t add dinosaurs, we won’t remove scaffolding, and if we had a £1 for all the aunt’s who asked if we could make them thin in photoshop, yikes, our images are delivered as real as they were taken in terms of composition, we do our best to make sure that they look their best in camera, noticeable spots and fire exit signs that can’t be avoided would however usually get ‘shopped’!

After the wedding we back up, edit and process the images so they have our style and they look their best, we make sure there is plenty variety for you, and we aim for delivery within 12 weeks.

You will see we like to feed our own social media so keep an eye on that to see anything we post, it can be a full time job in itself!

We will send you a message once the USB hits the post office.

We try to, when we share anything online its usually because we’re so proud of the work we want the world to see, but also it is how we spread the word (or picture in this case) on what we do.

Sometimes we may not be able to post everything we do, or every wedding, please don’t be offended we do just have incredibly busy spells where we do not have time to post!

If you DO NOT want images shared online this is no problem, however we would not record or capture any behind the scenes footage that you may have seen as this is purely for marketing rather than personal use.

We totally get that you want sunny, warm pictures, however our summertime can be incredibly busy with summer weddings, we ideally would meet within 3 months of the wedding date, and to be honest the light in October is stunning! So please do try to stick to within 3 month of the wedding date, this helps us manage the workload and schedule clients in advance.

Yes, all of our equipment is insured, we also have public liability insurance and legal indemnity cover. We also make sure any equipment that needs electricity is PAT tested (projector, laptop etc).

Also just as important, are YOU insured? You’re paying big bucks for this once in a lifetime shindig, make sure that you cover yourself too, its literally as cheap as chips to do so!

We ask for this to be paid 14 days before the wedding date.  Please don’t pay too early, we work out our monthly and yearly income based of the due dates and too many early payment can play havoc with our budgeting and taxes! 

We do have some Terms & Conditions we set out for you to agree to, this is to protect both yourselves and us.

We ask that £250 is paid to book your date and package, a booking payment will protect you from any price increases we may go through, and this amount is deducted from the total balance.

We certainly can, please let us know what you need and we can send a list of other likeminded suppliers who will elevate the day for you.

Also if you’re unsure on a vendor ask us, as we spend the whole day at the wedding, so we know when suppliers may have caused any issues, same goes for venues.

Hopefully that's answered any questions, if not, get in touch