We often get asked about other aspects of wedding planning and preparation, and over time we have built some strong relationships with other suppliers in the industry we trust that can do a great job, so we will be including a guest blog every so often which will offer help and advice from their perspective, we hope it helps with your planning!

Hi, I’m Katie-Jane, A North East Florist.

You have your venue booked, your date set and you have found the perfect dress, now it’s time to start securing your other suppliers! There are so many different things to think about from cakes to invitations, music to photographers. One of the suppliers some tend to leave till last is the flowers!


For many Brides and Grooms to be the flowers can be very daunting especially if you have no knowledge…but have no fear your florist is here! First things first you need to decide on a colour scheme or a theme you are going to roll out throughout the wedding. The time of the year you choose to get married could play a big part in this and it is definitely something you should think about. Each season has its own seasonal flowers along with its own beautiful colours.
Autumn is drawing in and many of you will be booking your weddings for this time next year…Embrace this season it is a gorgeous one!! Autumn brings in an array of textures and colours. Dark colours are popular as the year comes towards its end, so why not add a pop of Autumn colour to brighten things up! Yellow or orange are the perfect combos with Navy dresses! There are beautiful seasonal flowers about that this time…Dahlias and sunflowers are to name a couple.



Throw caution to the wind

So you have decided on a theme…now you need to find a florist! Most florists will book you in for a free consultation so they can meet you and discuss your requirements. They will be able to help you choose flowers in the colours you have picked and suggest seasonal flowers to help keep the cost down. We know how hard it is to set a budget for flowers because generally couples just don’t know what to expect. If you have a budget in mind let your florist know. We aren’t out to trick you into spending a fortune and will be able to work with you and guide you towards designs and flower to suit your budget.

When it comes to weddings we all love a bargain, so, by all means, shop around for your flowers. However be very careful not to get sucked into the cheapest quote because it is just that…cheap! If a florist is quoting a lot lower than others then it is probably too good to be true. Compare not only the price but the size and quality of the flowers your florist will use. Remember your flowers will be in your photos…forever!

Why choose a professional florist?

Your wedding flowers are not only important to you they are important to your florist. I cannot stress how important it is to make sure the florist you choose is a professional in their field.  Don’t be afraid to ask about qualifications, training and experience. The last thing you want is someone who doesn’t have the experience or knowledge for providing wedding flowers to be in charge of yours! This could be a huge mistake, one not easy to rectify on the day!
Flowers are a living product and must be cared for correctly before your big day, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes to prepare the perfect wedding flowers that many will never know about. Flowers must be ordered in time to be shipped directly from the auction, they then must also be ordered to arrive on the correct day so they are at their absolute best on the day of your wedding, too early and they won’t last, too late and well they may just not turn up in time. Your florist will condition your flowers correctly so that they have the maximum water uptake before they are used. Each flower has a different shelf life, each peaking at different times, these are all things that your florist will think about to make sure the flowers are perfect for your amazing wedding day!

Katie-Jane’s Top Floral Tips!

Choose a theme that is seasonal to help keep costs down.
Swap your scattered rose petals for autumn leaves….perfect for an autumnal wedding!
Always, Always, Always hire a professional florist to do ALL of your flowers.
Ask your florist to make your table centres so the flowers can be easily removed…that way you can give the flowers away as gifts at the end of the night and leave the vases for the florist to collect the next day!
Ask friends and family for recommendations on florists they have used for events or weddings.


Let the planning commence!

Love, Katie-Jane Pridmore


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