Thanks for coming to check us out, the chances are that you’re looking for a photographer that’s relaxed, fun but makes sure your wedding day is captured forever by giving you some amazing photographs to relive the memories!

You found us!

Chances are also that you’ve been told how good we are or how comfortable we make you feel by a friend or a family member, heck even friends of friends of friends tell everyone what we’re like! Which is great! It means we don’t have to bombard people with sponsored Facebook posts over and over, our customers do our advertising for us! Woo!

It also means our customers all share a similar outlook, “we hate having our pictures taken”, “we’re not ‘posey’ people”, “we want beautiful pictures, but we want to enjoy the day” this is what we do! We keep you relaxed, your guests relaxed and will fit into the flow of your day.

We don’t know how other photographers do things, we do things our own way, we regard our relationships on the day as highly as the photography, we spend a lot of the day helping, guiding, reassuring & making friends! We think this is massively important, not just because it’s nice to be nice but also because happy, relaxed people make for great photographs!

We keep the ‘standing in front of the camera’ to a minimum, formal images don’t have to take an hour! We don’t expect them to take half an hour! Shots of the happy couple shouldn’t leave your guests wondering where you are, we need less than an hour again, and sometimes we split that up throughout the day! And we already know your not ‘posey’ people right? So we would give some direction but not to the extent where we feel that if your left index finger isn’t at the same angle as the heel on your right shoe it will ruin the shot, or something like that?!!

And don’t expect us to leave without a hug, and this isn’t after right after the first dance, it’s after we’ve captured what we need to tell your story, and this story wouldn’t be complete without some fancy dance moves from the wedding party!


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