Relaxed wedding photography for couples who want to have fun!

LeopardPrints Photography, a husband and wife team covering wedding photography.

Hey There!

We’re Nick & Laura Wilson- or ‘The Leopards’ as we are fondly nicknamed. We specialise in relaxed, creative and colourful wedding photography.

Our style is really friendly and relaxed. We’re not here to make you awkwardly stand around for hours on end to get one shot, we are there to add some extra magic to your wedding day and keep things moving and fluid. We always say- the photos are important but it’s not all about the photos- it’s about you having a great time and then the photos will capture that! 

We mainly cover weddings in the North East of England and the surrounding areas as this is where we are based, however we also love to travel far and wide across the UK to shoot weddings and have covered weddings abroad also- no limits for these leopards! 

We’re on hand to help with things all day from Nick keeping you calm and putting button holes on to Laura cracking a joke to ease tension or telling you the best secrets to go for a wee in your dress! 

We want you to have the BEST day! 

"...They're not just photographers, they kept me calm in the morning, fixed veils and have the best tips for what to do on the day." - Christina & Adam

No awkward posing

No Standing around for hours.

Fun & Relaxed.

Many of our couples hate having their photo taken, and are a little bit picture shy and feeling super nervous about being in front of the camera all day, this is totally normal…

…Dont worry, WE GOT YOU!!

We guarantee a laidback, relaxed wedding day with plenty of fun & laughter during your couples portraits.

It’s important to have a collection of pictures that has a selection of different styles and shots. You get the most out of your day and every moment is captured in the best and most meaningful way.


Get comfortable: We put a lot of effort into making you comfortable, from the first time we meet you and your party, no awkwardness allowed! Happy people make for happy pictures and we will do almost anything to keep you all smiling!

Candid: people barely notice we’re there unless we want them to. This means we can capture and document plenty of moments from your wedding day; the tears, the laughter, and the cringey dancing, all without disturbing your guests or making them feel uncomfortable.

Those MUST-HAVE group shots: Because group shots ARE important! How often do you have all your favourite people together in one day? 

Even though it might not seem important to you now, or that you feel having posed shots will ruin your day, we can guarantee that in 5, 10, or even 20 years down the line you will be so glad you have these. Plus, We don’t spend ages on this so you’ll be done in 20 minutes and ready to grab that Prosecco!

We are there to capture all the moments that make your wedding special!

The happy tears, the giggles, the love, the emotion & that drunk auntie living her best life on the dancefloor!